​Educational Enrichment Services of Allen



Go Team Campbell (GTC) - Educational Enrichment Services specializing in English language arts, written and verbal communications benefiting both individuals in an academic and a professional environment.  


Go Team Campbell now offers Parent, Child, and Senior Citizen Educational and Health Advocacy.


Educational Enrichment:

Our reading program: We offer reading assistance for kids and adults to promote the development of phonics, comprehension, and vocabulary skills. GTC uses learning manipulatives, technology games and other effective learning tools. 


Our writing program: GTC assists with the development of a clear thinking process, organization and writing skills for effectiveness in structured text. Our writing strategy is designed to equip and develop students’ ability to put their thoughts to paper efficiently and effectively.  We begin with the grammar of writing, the rules of writing, and the proper way to form sentences and paragraphs that flow into a cohesive unit.


Our program focuses on four main essay styles narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive compositions. 


Type of learning strategy: GTC uses helix learning. Helix, or spiral learning, is requiring the mastery of a level before moving on to the next. Mastery of each level is different for each student. Once a student has reached maximum learning for that particular time, students are introduce to the next level of learning. 


*Accelerated learning: Students eligible for this program are at least two years ahead of their current grade. This is assessed by GTC through a series of exercises, parent feedback, as well as any voluntarily provided standardize tests scores. The accelerated program teaches progressive strategies and ways to improve their reading skills while also maintaining comprehension and further advancement in their written composition and communication.


Parent/Child/Senior Citizen Educational and Health Advocacy:

Parent and Child Advocacy Services: As an advocate, I work with parent and child to ensure proper education or health needs and services are met. I am an extension of the family by way of asking necessary questions, guidance with an essential follow-up, or conveying information to a provider in the absence of the main caretaker.  


With proper permission, advocacy services ensures that appropriate resources are brought to the family’s attention regarding providers as well as the transfer of information in the event a parent is unable to attend a child’s ARD, ECI Meeting, Therapy or other appointments.  


Senior Citizen Advocacy: In addition, advocacy services are available for senior citizens to assist with maneuvering through the sometimes complicated health system and understanding health instructions during office visits.   Patient advocacy involves taking notes regarding health instructions, asking vital questions regarding the well-being of the client, scheduling proper follow-up appointments, and relaying information to a

designated family member.